Tricia offers a variety of treatments, blending pure luxury and relaxation to nurture your body and soul.

  • Swedish Massage

    • Ideal for easing pain, reducing swelling or increasing circulation - this firm massage uses kneading, stretching and percussive techniques

  • Deep Tissue

    • Focuses on deep layers of muscle to release chronic patterns of tension

  • Sports Massage

    • A combo of Swedish strokes and stretching with cross-fiver fiction deep muscle compression and trigger-point therapy

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    • Custom aromatherapy oils enhance your massage to a magical, relaxing experience

  • Reflexology

    • Pressure points on the feet or hands to promote healing by stimulating nerves and encouraging blood flow to bring body into balance

  • Cold Stone Therapy

    • Cool stone applied to head and face to aid in constriction of blood vessels

 Payment by Cash or Check Only

60 Minutes ~ $85

90 Minutes ~ $120

By Appointment Only: 201-693-5333