Linda practices Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) to promote optimal health, which is an approach that looks deeper at your unique biochemistry and genetic profile to identify your nutritional needs. She has always been fascinated with how different the body can function based on the foods we choose to eat. From her experience over the years, she’s learned how food not only provides calories, but it also provides information that speaks to your individual biochemistry and has a direct effect on whether you end up with disease in your body or not. In fact, one person can absorb and utilize a nutrient completely different from the next person and many common subtle ailments are often early signs of a nutritional imbalance that over time can lead to disease. She helps with all health conditions such as gut imbalances, autoimmune, hormone balance, diabetes, cardiac health and many others. Linda’s assessment will translate this science directly to your plate with specific foods and recipe strategies so you can easily implement the nutrition protocols at home. She also offers several Catered Nutritional Cleanse programs to assist you with getting the healing foods you need onto your table with ease.

Linda believes that in many cases, food can be your medicine, but being well nourished is about more than the foods we eat. It’s also about how we nourish not only our body but our mind and spirit as well. Linda is honored to bring nutritional support services to O’Shea Yoga and feels grateful to share her passion of healing foods with this community.

For more information about IFMNT or to book an appointment, you can reach Linda at 917-603-8498, visit her at or email her at