Class Descriptions

We offer a variety of Yogic styles and custom classes including Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle Yoga, and stretching. All classes are led by certified yoga teachers. 


Mantra Class

We use sacred mantras to connect our mind with universal vibrations. Mantra meditations are the master tools for awakening the crown chakra and tuning in with the Divine. They harmonize our brainwaves, releasing old patterns and confusion, so that our brain is capable of having a divine experience. The meditation process elevates our mood, creates clarity in our mind, increases subtle sensitivity to our inner world, helps us tune out external influences and find our center, and harmonizes all parts of our being. In short, the recitation of sacred mantras creates a synchronization of all the elements and chakras, which awakens us to our wholeness and unity with the Divine. Rhythmic repetition of sacred mantras also enhances our own self-perpetuated rhythm and builds an auric field that sustains and protects us and impacts our environment. Physiologically, chanting mantras makes our body calmer and less agitated. Psychologically, it generates inner peace and a sense of well-being. Mentally, our attention increases, and our awareness expands. Mantras nurture our soul.

This class is offered as a gift for those who attend Fridays 9:30AM Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class & $10 for others.

Learn more about how mantras work:


Hatha Yoga

This traditional Hatha Yoga class combines a steady balance of postures (asanas) with pranayama (controlled focused breathe). Detail will be given to each asana, achieve proper alignment, and strengthen the ability to direct the mind. Students will be guided to control the flow of prana with the use of bandhas (energy locks) located within the body. While locking in energy, students will feel a balance of steadiness and lightness within the pose. This practice unifies the center of the body and brings balance to clear any blocks in the chakras. The use of beautiful and graceful mudras (yoga of the hands) and mantras will be used as tools for self-understanding, peace, wisdom, and to clear and quiet the mind. The blend of these practices, combined with meditation, becomes transformational in a spiritual journey to gain inner peace and happiness.

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A unique class of many traditions.  Class begins by getting in the flow with QiGong & Tai Chi through gentle movements. We progress to tapping for emotional freedom as well as attunement to our bodily well-being. Pranayama (breathing techniques) guide us to work within our breath to sooth, calm or energize while connecting to the Universal life-force energy that sustains us. We then move to some traditional Yoga stretching asanas, and Shavasana (restorative, deep relaxation) to renew and unite mind, body and spirit within.

 After relaxation we do chanting to uplift and elevate our vibrations while lighting up all the pathways of the brain.  We end class with meditation, using different affirmations and guiding thoughts and principles, to allow the spirit to connect to the divine threads/attributes in the Universe while discovering and realizing our source of deep inner joy. Om peace.


Feel Good Yoga Fusion

Feel Good Yoga Fusion is all about attaining a feeling of relaxation and to energetically balance while participating in class.  Much of the class is done with eyes closed to avoid comparison and self judgement, as well as allowing the eyes to rest, while you enhance the brain with just the auditory process. The goal is to allow the body and mind to become stronger and more flexible while you learn to relax and release stress.  The class will also help you feel rejuvenated. Karen's ultimate reward is to offer you a time and place to help heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Her class begins with a brief dharma talk, and moves onto simple yoga poses and stretches.  As the body warms up, class postures move towards more challenging yoga poses.  

She offer's very detailed instruction, teaches on the mat for visual clarification, and offer's modifications. If you can figure out your right hand from your left, you will be perfect in her class!! She focus's on poses for the hips, shoulders, neck and core areas to help release any stress stored within the body.  Each class incorporates some breath work as well as a meditation. 

Most importantly, she likes to make her classes fun as well as spiritually beneficial.  She believe's we are here to help each other. No matter what path we are on, we can all use a little more love and light!