All teachers at O’Shea Yoga are highly trained and certified yoga teachers. In addition, all of our Kundalini Yoga teachers are KRI certified.


Michele O'shea 

As a Professional Life Coach and Personal Empowerment Workshop Leader, Michele often urges her clients to set goals that require them to step outside their comfort zones. So, in December 2011, Michele followed her own advice and set two personally meaningful goals that forced her way outside her comfort zone. These two goals were to travel to a far-off exotic land by herself and to discover someone or something that would enable her to develop and deepen her spirituality in a profound way. Michele had a strong and persistent “inner knowing” that this someone or something would come in the form of Yoga. India, considered by many as the yoga capital of the world, seemed like the perfect place to accomplish her goals simultaneously.


Lisa sargenti

Lisa’s yoga path began in her early twenties reading dozens of healing and spiritual books.  By practicing how to increase positivity and trust the power of the universe, Lisa has developed a deep gratitude for life’s experiences and a sincere desire to share the benefits of a yoga practice with others to promote greater health, peace and joy.  

Lisa’s intention is to guide her students to an inward practice that will allow them to feel harmony with a higher power, make changes that are desired in their lives, and support a steady path to discovery and personal growth.  Lisa’s classes promote a feeling of inclusiveness and encouragement to accept and embrace where we are in the present moment and realize the oneness in all that is. She is a graduate of Ramapo College Yoga Teacher Training. In 2016 after her first Kundalini class with Michele O’Shea she immediately felt a positive energy shift. She decided to become certified in Kundalini Yoga to deepen her understanding of the technology of Kundalini Yoga. She enrolled in KRI Level 1 Teacher training with Hari Kaur Khalsa and has completed KRI Certification Level 1. She looks forward to uplifting her students with this beautiful practice.


Barbara Lucia

Barbara Lucia began her career as a dancer then decided to go into the healing arts. She has practiced nursing for the past 37 years and has recently earned her Holistic Nursing Certification. Throughout her many years of practice, Barbara has had a keen interest in numerous healing modalities that compliment longevity & vitality across the age span. Barbara has forever been a seeker and lifelong learner of various spiritual disciplines. The practice of yoga became an integral part of her personal transformation ten years ago. It was at that time she studied Vinyasa Yoga and became certified under Ben Wisch in 2011.

Barbara also deepened her practice by becoming Reiki and Meditation Certified as well as studying Ayurveda, Qi-Gong & Kundalini Yoga. Barbara is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, having studied under Gurmukh & Amanbir at Golden Bridge in NYC.

Barbara’s passion is empowering others on their own personal journey to recognize their gifts in a safe, healing and compassionate manner. Her desire is for her students to thrive on and off the yoga mat in their own personal self-care journey.

Yoga has been integral to reinforce a strong body, mind, soul and breath connection that began with Barbara’s love of dance and naturally followed into her healing profession.

Barbara is eternally grateful to her teachers and students along the way who continue to teach and support her in this ongoing journey.