Guru Dharam

Guru Dharam is a living example of an evolved Kundalini Yoga practitioner and has mastery of transmission of the technology of Kundalini Yoga and its energy for healing and teaching. Guru Dharam has taught Kundalini yoga since 1979. He founded the Lotus Healing Centre, a multidisciplinary holistic facility, in London in 1989 and served as the Vice Principal of the London Academy of Oriental Medicine until 1997. His formal qualifications have been complemented by an intensive postgraduate interdisciplinary study of the esoteric; Kabbalah, MesoAmerican Shamanic Dreaming, West African healing practice and many years study of the Mastery Path, White Lotus healing, Black Hat Feng Shui and the Red Thread empowerments. Guru Dharam is recognized as a highly experienced Teacher taught directly by Yogi Bhajan. He is registered as a KRI Mentoring Lead Teacher Trainer, at Levels One and Two.

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Siri Sat

There are few teachers who are as qualified as Sir Sat to train teachers in New York City and beyond because she has been an NYC-based full-time Kundalini teacher for almost two decades. Siri Sat has an internationally known teacher profile, is a KRI certified Lead Teacher, and has extensive experience teaching in a wide variety of areas with a specialty in posture and alignment, informed and enhanced by her work as a professional dancer and choreographer. Siri Sat is also a coordinator of the Kundalini Medicine Yoga Therapy Training worldwide and a Kundalini Yoga therapist well grounded in energetic healing.

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Dr. Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa, D.C.

Mahan Rishi Singh co-founded the Khalsa Healing Arts and Yoga Center in Yardley, PA. USA in 1989.  He began studying yoga and meditation in 1973-4 and entered the Guru Ram Das Ashram in 1975 as a student and teacher of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Having taught nationally and internationally, along with traveling numerous times to India, he seeks to bring the ancient wisdom and authentic devotional practices of yoga and meditation into everyday life.  He has been leading retreats and yatras (spiritual pilgrimages) to India, Nepal and Tibet over the past 25 years.  His experiences of the kundalini and subtle-energy currents of the etheric body have led him to guide his students toward Self-realization and illumination through Universal love and understanding.  His vision is for each student to have an experience of vital energy, great joy, and liberating peace. 

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Amanbir (Joe)Singh (Young) L.A.C.

Amanbir is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, yoga therapist & licensed acupuncturist based in New York City. He offers a healing and fun approach to the ancient lineage of Kundalini Yoga. In each class Amanbir is known for bringing his sense of humor, music and extensive knowledge of the healing field. Amanbir currently teaches his in-depth understanding of western physiology, eastern anatomy & astrology in various yoga and therapy trainings worldwide. He holds a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.


Randhir (Rainer Perry)

I am also a KRI professional-level teacher trainer and certified Yoga Therapist. I took my teacher training here in 2006 and have been teaching Kundalini ever since. Teacher training and the years of teaching and practicing that followed have kept the promise of Kundalini Yoga and made my life happy, healthy, prosperous, and a wonderland of consciousness –  and I wish the same for you.

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Yogi bhajan

The technology we teach and study in this Level 1 Course is  “Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.” It is the type of yoga that is most commonly taught and practiced in the Western World, and the Level 1 Certification is accepted in most yoga studios and places around the world that offer Kundalini Yoga.

Yogi Bhajan introduced this technology to the West after he arrived in 1968 from India with a primary mission to create teachers. He accepted this mission on his own and left his life and family in India because he understood that Kundalini Yoga provided the experience that people in the West were seeking and not finding – the experience of a higher consciousness and connection. He taught his first classes to students in Canada and the US as an alternative to the prevalent hippie and drug culture at the time and spread the teachings and built the global Kundalini Yoga community from there.

Please know that this course is not about the personality or worship of Yogi Bhajan. He said again and again: Do not love me, love the teachings. He considered himself a messenger only and his job was to deliver the teachings – whether you practice or not is your own decision. In other words, there is no dogma, and your relationship with Kundalini Yoga is qualified by your personal experience of the teachings alone, not Yogi Bhajan’s directives. He always emphasized that your practice can only be “self-initiated,” and there is only one thing you need to connect to the teachings: your love for the yoga and what it does for you and the world – not fear or force.

Yogi Bhajan left his physical body in 2004, but you may find that you develop an energetic relationship with Yogi Bhajan nevertheless, like a direct channel to his vibration and guidance – as is often the case when we feel a special connection and attraction to a particular evolved human being through a spiritual practice like yoga, meditation, and prayer.