“You are very powerful, providing you know how powerful you are.” ~Yogi Bhajan

Workshop with Randhir

How Does something come into my life?

the process of manifestation through mind & chakras



A step-by-step exploration and guide for manifesting in your life. How much responsibility do I have for the subjects and situations in my life?  How much control do I have? And how does manifestation even work? 

Yogic teachings offer fascinating explanations for manifestation and the roles of the mind and chakras in the process. This workshop presents an overview of the teachings and how they relate to your life. We will learn and practice tools for more effective attraction of fulfillment from the universe into our lives. The workshop includes Kundalini Yoga asanas and meditation.

About Randhir (Rainer Perry):

Is a KRI professional-level teacher trainer and certified Yoga Therapist. He took his teacher training in 2006 and has been teaching Kundalini ever since. Teacher training and the years of teaching and practicing that followed have kept the promise of Kundalini Yoga and made my life happy, healthy, prosperous, and a wonderland of consciousness – and he wishes the same for you.

Investment: $35

Please dress in comfortable clothes.

Suitable for all levels.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training KRI Level 1- Q&A with Randhir

Join Randhir one of our Teacher Trainers on Saturday, February 9th 4:30PM-5:00PM to learn more about our upcoming Teacher Training.

Women’s Empowerment Circle with Michele, Barb & Tricia

2nd & 4th Monday of every month, beginning february 11th


"When women gather, mountains move." Chinese Proverb

Each week there will be a new topic introduced. Some topics may continue into a second and third upcoming class.  

Our February 11th topic will be friendship.  Questions to be explored  are: why is female friendship so important, what constitutes a healthy friendship--what does it  look and feel like, what are some of the obstacles to healthy friendship and how do we dissolve them, how do we reshape and strengthen current friendships, how do we constructively conclude friendships that are not in our best interest  and how do we go about initiating new ones. 

The purpose of this class is to empower one another through community, shared wisdom and knowledge and learning some of the most effective principles, tools and techniques related to the topic. This class will not be a bitch session or pity party.  It is all about healthy empowerment.   Barb, Tricia and Michele will be drawing on their own unique personality, background and gifts to create a space and opportunity that will foster empowerment and positive transformation.  

BARB will be drawing on her knowledge, wisdom and experience in the healthcare field which spans over 40 years as a RN and Holistic Nurse. She will also be sharing her wealth of knowledge gleaned from a multitude of trainings she has completed over the years related to healing, health and well-being. Barb is also a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

TRICIA is the owner of Signature Spa in Hillsdale, NJ. She brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom around bodywork and how it can be used to heal and strengthen ourselves on many levels.  She is also a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor.  Tricia also brings a sense of humor like no one else!  'Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." Victor Hugo

MICHELE is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach, owner of O'Shea Yoga, Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Self-Esteem Specialist. She will be bringing in knowledge and wisdom from her Pioneer Workshop "Power Within" which she personally designed/created and launched in 2015.  This program unites the science of self-esteem with the science of Kundalini Yoga.


·      Barb, Tricia and Michele will be facilitating every class together.  

·      This is not a yoga class so please dress however you please.

·      Regular chairs, backjacks, floor mats and meditation pillows are available for convenience and comfort.

·      Regular class fee applies.

·      This class is ideal for anyone and everyone from 14 years of age and up. 

Next Workshop wit Sabrina & Evie - Monday, Feb. 4th 7:00PM-8:30PM

Stay tuned for details

with sabrina & evie